All Yellow Under The Winter Sun And Sunflowers

There’s a thing about the Winter Season! Don’t you all agree?!

It’s Freezing,

Yet there is warmth in the form of the Winter Sun.

The weather Pricks,

Yet there is calmness in the form of the Winter Breeze.

It gets Dull,

Yet there is brightness in the form of the Winter Sunflowers.


Being a girl from a Hill Station, Darjeeling (The Queen Of Hills), I have grown up around the cold weather for my entire life. We have cold days and cold nights for almost all the 12 months of the year. For a place that is cold and chilled throughout the year, you can imagine how the weather in proper winter months is like. Winter here sets in from early November and goes on till late February. Which means for straight 4 months we face extreme cold winter climate here. Nevertheless, it’s that time of the year that I enjoy and love the most. The reasons being:-

  • It’s the best time to snuggle up in your blankets. Isn’t it the warmest and coziest feeling of being tucked under your blankets until the latest hour of the mornings. Winter gives you the best possible excuses to have late mornings from bed.
  • The coolest part is that it’s the Born Fire Season. Literally, all the houses in the town have Born Fire nights every single day inside or outside their homes. Born Fires definitely become an added reason for all the family members and neighbours to join one another for a little chit-chat over a cup of Darjeeling Tea. Not just Tea or Chit Chats, these sessions usually enters into a musical night and ends up being a full-fledged late night party scene. Doesn’t this fact make Winters even more cozier?! After all who doesn’t like being around people and socializing?!
  • Winters are cold and freezing. But the Winter Sun from 8am to about 1 – 1:30pm is the best time of this cold winter day. Once again, you would see almost every family member out of their homes or at their terrace warming themselves under the bright Winter Sun and also gearing up for the cold Winter Night.
  • For Food Lovers, this time of the year seems to be the best one. They say that one is always more hungry during the winters. One’s appetite has to increase during this time of the year. When food is concerned, I have to only nibble on everything that comes in front of my eyes. And why not, who doesn’t like food? Specially when the food is steaming hot and freshly cooked out of the Fresh Farm Veggies. Not just healthy food but winter is the best time for home-made Indian desserts – gajar ka halwa (carrot pudding), gond ke ladoo, muri ke ladoo etc. Oh! I am a die heart fan of all these Winter Desserts cause you actually get to taste them only during the winter months.
  • Another reason to love the winter season is cause of the variety of healthy and organic veggies that is available in the market. It is that time of the year where everything you eat is cooked from fresh organic veggies of the farms.
  • Of course, Darjeeling Oranges. This is my favourite bit and I bet you that you ought to fall in love with these Orange coloured Oranges. Trust me, there is no fruit as juicy and as sweet as the Darjeeling Oranges. Whether you have it as a fruit or in the form of a juice, your taste buds are sure to demand more and more of this Winter Fruit.
  • And now the last and my most favourite reason to love the Winter Season is the Winter Clothing. Oh! How I love clothes and Winters give me a reason to wear as many layers as I want to add-on to me. For Fashion Enthusiasts who love Layering, this season is like a cherry on the top. My love for Boots and Overcoats and Jackets and pullovers and Stockings and Caps and mufflers( and I could go on and on) has no limit at all. Thus, Winter is my most favourite time of the year.

It’s not just the weather, but also the Hills of the entire Darjeeling town is covered up in the Winter Flowers, that makes this season so special to me. Specially, Sunflowers. The Dark Green Mountains has specks of the Yellow Sunflowers at every corners and turns. Imagine a morning walk tucked in your warmest Winter clothing with cold breeze, green mountains, lushful Yellow Sunflowers and under the bright Winter Sun. Doesn’t this entire Scenario make the Winter Season in Darjeeling even prettier and more beautiful for all of you.

Now for me , it gets lovielier cause I have this childhood love for the colour yellow. Everything and anything that is yellow in colour gets my attention. Thus, a field of Sunflowers, the perfect sunlight, a bright and cold winter morning, the backdrop of the mountains and with the Yellow colour spinning all around me, I had the most amazing set up for a shoot.

With this set up and mood, I got a perfect chance to wear my most perfect Winter Wear. I will add it to being my most perfect Winter Wear because I have this very very special love for long length coats or Over coats and boots that are calf length or above. But, I have always had people tell me that Overcoats and Boots are for the tall only and not for me at all. This stereotyping has always bothered me too much. I have never listened to anyone in this regard and have always adorned both boots and overcoats and have ended up earning a lot of compliments for it. There is no attire specially made for the tall or for the petite. It’s all on how well one carry oneself in a pair of boots or an overcoat or may be even both at the same time.

Coming to this, I want you guys to see for yourself and understand that an overcoat and a pair of  boots, can be beautifully handled and adorned even by the petite. Do not let anyone else make any kind of judgements about you or any kind of decisions for you. Definitely take advises, but let the final choice always be yours. For you and only you can judge yourself the best and make the most right decisions for yourself. When it comes to making decisions about your appearance, whether you like dressing up or no, you would never go out being badly dressed. Thus, you would never make any wrong decisions about your own self. Trust your instinct guys, Always.

Here are a few pictures from my latest Winter Wear Shoot. Its my Favourite Shoot cause it was actually All Yellow.

I asked for Love,

And it conveyed Yellow.

I asked for Warmth

And the sunshine gave me Yellow.

I asked for Freshness

And the energy was in Yellow.

I asked for Optimism

And the uplift was in Yellow.

I asked for Success

And the confidence lay in Yellow.

I asked for Brightness

And it illuminated Yellow.

I asked for attention

And I first saw Yellow.

I asked for Joy

And my childhood compelled Yellow.

Dancing In The Winter Sun
Tweed Skirt- @shein
Yellow pullover- @kurseong Shopping Spree
Calf Length Boots- @zara
Amidst The Sunflower Field, Under The Winter Sun
Sun Glasses- @hidesign
Waist Belt- @mango
Luck Printed Pouch- @miniso
Teddy Fur Hoodie jacket- @kurseong Shopping Spree
Cause It Was All Yellow

I am wearing-

Tweed Skirt- @shein

Peplum Pullover- @kurseong Shopping Spree

Teddy Fur Hoodie Jacket- @kurseong Shopping Spree

Net Stockings- @kurseong Shopping Spree

Calf Length Boots- @zara

Sun Glasses- @hidesign

Waist Belt- @mango

Luck Printed Pouch- @miniso


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and seeing the pictures. Hope it helps all of you, specially, the petite to get over all the fashion taboo related to Overcoats and Boots. Hope it helps your Winter Styling get better and prettier.



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