Hey there !! I am Prapti Garg and yes I am ‘5Ft 2’ inches and so says my blog, “5Ft Style Quotient”

I have heard people tell me that a particular silhouette won’t suit me because I am of a elfin frame . But, what is it that a 5 ft can’t adorn and a 6ft can?” What you are, is way beyond what your body frame is and so the answer is, “everything a 6 ft can adorn is as adorable on a 5 ft.

Yes, We might have to make a few necessary changes here and there, Bt we wee girls can exactly carry anything and everything just as perfectly as any of the beanstalks!

This blog is to acquaint to all those inamoratas out there to see how she can fit into any attire as beautifully as anyone alpine. It is prevalently to get over the taboo that surrounds fashion and the petite.

Coming back to me, I hail from a small town of Kurseong in the hills of Darjeeling District.

I am a fashion designer and styling has always been my thing since a kid. I have always loved to follow trends and also get a few outfits stitched as per my requirement which you will be coming across in this blog time and again. I am a very quiet girl, and whatever I wear has always been a portrayal of my thought process. I love experimenting with myself, from traditional Indian attire to something that is gothic. I embrace it all..

Who does not want to look good, beautiful, adorable, hot, sexy… and style, is that one thing, that speaks the most about a person, just like the colors you chose to wear on any given day says a lot about ur mood for that day… being best dressed is like a cherry topping to your already cool attitude..

Styling is allurement served with confidence.  It is not just about buying something that is appealing , But to lure it more by pairing it with many more details, the first thing being the affair you are going to harness it for, then the best accessories you pair it with, the hairstyle you carry with it and mostly importantly your body language and your confidence.. this entire package and there you will be going  places.

Fashion styling is one of the mains to add on to your personality. So 5Ft below or above. You just need to get it all right.